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The World's Worst Networker

Networking Lessons From “The King”

Today (August 16, 2011) is the 34th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death.  Although no longer with us, “The King of Rock And Roll” still remains among the most popular of entertainers, and an inspiration for many people, selling, to date, over 1 billion units worldwide.

During his career, Elvis officially recorded 698 songs. Several of the titles of his #1 hits could be used as reminders and lessons for those who are looking to make their business networking more effective. For all of the “Suspicious Minds” out there, consider these:

“It’s Now or Never”: Networkers must be very proactive. They do things now, knowing that tomorrow will never come. They attend events, meet new people, and are always figuring out ways to help others while also helping themselves. They never leave things to chance. They know that by taking determined actions today, this will lead them to greater achievements in the future, both professionally and personally.

“Always On My Mind” :Great networkers always are thinking about ways they can help other people. Wherever they go, they look to serve people by finding referrals in the form of clients, or they introduce others to new sources. Because of their their actions they too always remain on the minds of others.

“A Little Less Conversation” : Networkers listen to others more than they speak to them, in order to take note of what others want. At formal meetings or events with speakers, they do not engage in side conversations with others, texting, checking emails and sending instant messages. They know that the more they listen, other people will be “always [be] on [their] mind” when the networker is in a situation to make a referral.

“Return to Sender” : Whenever a networker receives a referral, they return the prospect back to the sender, with great feedback about their experience, regardless if business was done or not. The sender (also known as the giver), usually has a strong relationship with the prospect, which the receiver needs to protect and further enhance. When this is done, the giver of the referral will have more trust and confidence in the receiver, thereby sending them more referrals over time.

“Stuck on You”: Networking is about building and enhancing relationships. Regardless if you are networking offline in the real world and online, you will meet people you wouldn’t ordinarily meet in the course of a year, and in many cases, a lifetime. The relationships that you start and enhance through the help you give others will cause people to become “stuck on you” whenever they need or know someone who could benefit from your counsel, advice, products or services. You are creating your own personal brand-loyalty among people and organizations which can totally transform your business.

NOTE:   This is an article I wrote in 2010 in honor of Elvis’ 75th Birthday.  I hope you found it as entertaining and enjoyable and educational as I did writing it

Copyright 2010 Timothy M. Houston

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