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The World's Worst Networker

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“Tim Houston is ‘THE’ Networking Authority”

– Bob Burg, Bestselling Author of The Go-Giver and Endless Referrals


Networking is CRITICAL in today’s business world. Your business can’t survive without it!

Tim Houston, the global authority on strategic business networking, teaches how to systematize your networking efforts to be more productive, profitable and prosperous. Tim knows that your audience wants to learn new ways to network in less time and with less struggle. They want to know how can they create more opportunities for themselves and others, and with better results. The author of the Amazon Top 3 and internationally acclaimed bestseller, The World’s Worst Networker: Lessons Learned By The Best From The Absolute Worst! has the answers.

His high-energy seminars, inspiring keynote presentations and workshops will help you:

  • Go beyond the networking basics to produce higher quality contacts and more profitable referrals.
  • Learn the definitive ways of how not to network.
  • Increase your sales by strategicly positioning yourself as a resource, both online and offline.
  • Create  long-lasting, synergistic, prosperous relationships with people in different professions, across different generations.

Tim Houston is a ‘Powerhouse‘of motivation. Not only is he an incredible motivational speaker, he can jump start your business sales and provide sales solutions that work and are time tested. He is light years ahead of most marketers and delivers honest value. I cannot recommend Tim highly enough and encourage you to contact Tim for your marketing solutions and any speaking engagements.” – Bud Bergeron, CEO, Banks, Bentley & Cross, Newport Beach, CA

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Why have Tim Houston present at your next conference, convention, meeting or event?

For over 15 years, Tim has made over 4,000 presentations to companies and organizations across the US. His interactive style coupled with a
down-to-earth, entertaining personality, will make your event memorable and enjoyable.

Tim has presented before companies and organizations such as:


  • New York Life
  • HSBC,  North America
  • Banco  Popular
  • BNI
  • Lehman  Brothers
  • Atlantis Health Plans
  • American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
  • Rotary International Clubs
  • Kiwanis Clubs
  • Local Chambers of Commerce
  • Local Boards of Realtors
  • State & Local Bar Associations
  • Various Non-Profit Organizations
  • Business & Professional Women’s Foundation

“Tim’s energy on stage keeps his audience on the edge of their seats while he delivers a powerful message.” – Jerry Williamson, President, Teamworx Productions, Huntsville, AL

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“Tim is a captivating speaker and a great motivator.” – David Businelli, RA . 2011 President, AIA New York State



Many people believe that networking  is an easy task. So why do some people end up with very poor results?

Tim Houston, author of  the Top 3 Amazon bestseller, The World’s Worst Networker: Lessons Learned By The Best From The Absolute Worst believes that people can go from being a networking mess to a networking success — if they know and detect the signs and symptoms of the virus called “bad networking.”

In a very interactive, engaging and entertaining  presentation, Tim shares the  true stories  about the most outrageous flubs, faux-pas and fiascoes that he and some of  the world’s leading networkers have  experienced and observed.   Whether your audience is new to networking or are experienced veterans, they will come away learning the definitive ways of how not to network.


Do you cringe when you hear the word “networking”?  Do you find reasons to avoid going to in-person networking events?  Maybe you think you’re not a great networker or that it’s only for “salespeople”.
While it might be a buzzword to many, “Networking” — when done correctly — is one of the most effective ways to cultivate business relationships while making your work more rewarding, less stressful,
and much more profitable.

In this engaging, interactive presentation, bestselling author and Business Networking Authority, Tm Houston will teach us how to set our internal and external networking on fire, using a simple tool called I.C.E.   Learn how great networkers go beyond just “working the room”;  Find out who are the “Golden Geese” on your team and in your network;  Learn the 10 Commandments of Networking.
These simple techniques and more will help you to avoid becoming one of The World’s Worst Networkers and will make your networking more productive, profitable and prosperous.


The one-size-fits-all methods of networking are dead. For the first time in our history, there are four generations simultaneously in the workforce and competing in the business world.  Each generation works, communicates and even  networks very differently. Tim examines the differences in perspectives, motivation and attitudes between the 4 Generations and gets the conversation started with your audience.   Tim teaches how to approach, communicate and effectively
network with members of each generation in order to build stronger cross-generational relationships, more valuable contacts and profitable referrals.



Most people start out with a low level of training on how to network. Over time and through trial and error, they develop the skills necessary to move themselves and their businesses ahead.  For some, it takes a long time while for others it comes with ease.   The secret is to learn, acquire and then master the networking skills needed while at the same time, leverage your time to acheive greater results and rewards.

Tim explores the three specific levels of networking that business people experience and encounter, sometimes separately, sometimes simultaneously.  He teaches specific techniques and strategies which
will result in  an explosive growth of contacts and profits.
Learn how Tim used to these to transform one of his companies to do business 100% by referral only.



If you ever wanted to learn how to deliver a more effective, persuasive speech or presentation this  is for you!  For almost 10 years, Tim has privately coached and helped people from all walks of life to deliver powerful, effective and persuasive presentations before audiences as little as 1 to as large as 1,000.   Tim will teach you a powerful, ancient formula used by the world’s greatest and most persuasive speakers and presenters. You will learn to make your words
“come alive” before any audience and put your audience “under a spell” to move, motivate and inspire then into action.
Tim reveals these and more  powerful, proven tools and techniques so your presentations will  be filled with emotional and intellectual sizzle!

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